About Me

Meet the author!

Name: Samantha.

Description: Fourth year UBC student.

Faculty and Major: School of Music, Harp Performance Major.

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Hobbies and Interests: Music (duh), reading, blogging, vlogging, cookies, knitting, painting my nails, being awesome.

Favourite food: Cookies.

Favourite saying: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Signatures: Pumas and ridiculously large black backpack.


The whole purpose of Samantha Says is to bring to campus life to you as it really is – places, people, events, residence, academics, and  stuff relevant to other current/prospective school of music goers. My experiences here are yours to share, read, laugh at, inspire? That’d be cool. Enjoy!

XO – Samantha


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Samantha thanks for the shout out. We are trying to source as many things as we can that students would find useful in their first year at school and that we can deliver to them. Your list is a great resource


  2. Ken

    I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. You are so right about UBC being so large but yet feeling so alone. I feel encouraged to go out and try to make some connections. If I don’t try to make the connections, I will just remain lonely. Thanks for your ideas they have really inspired me.

  3. Sangeetha

    Hey! It’s been really nice reading your blogs. Can’t wait to arrive at UBC.
    Hoping to meet you in person.

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