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My Work Study – Ushering

This year I was fortunate enough to land a Work Study position as an usher/front of house person for the School of Music’s Wednesday Noon Hour concert series. It was a really great experience and right now I am going to tell you why in the form of a bulleted list because frankly I like bulleted lists:

  • My coworkers were lovely and my boss was incredibly kind. Many times she said to me, “Have I told you how glad I am to have you on the team?”
  • The work was enjoyable and related to my field. If I ever want to put on my own concert or help someone else put one on, or if I want to go into concert production, I know how to do it.
  • I got to listen to lots of great musicians.
  • Sometimes, if there were evening concerts, I’d get to eat reception food. Nom nom nom.
  • The hours were very manageable (on average two hours per week, for my particular position) and fit right into my class schedule.
  • The pay was good.
  • I was given plenty of opportunity to grow and to take responsibility, without feeling overwhelmed and still having support when I needed it.
  • I definitely improved my problem solving skills.

Overall a very positive experience and I look forward to going back next year!

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Need a Job? Work on Campus

Are you looking for a part time job for during the school year? The bad news: so is everyone else. The good news: UBC has tons of opportunities for employment for students, so your chances of being employed aren’t actually that bad.

Work Study/Work Learn

Work Study and Work Learn is a program run by Career Services that “supports and subsidizes meaningful work experiences on campus.”  “Work Study” is the program name for domestic students, whereas “Work Learn” is the program name for international students. It’s pretty much the same thing; international students, just make sure you have a valid Study Permit and Social Insurance Number.  All Vancouver campus students currently enrolled in courses at UBC and with a valid UBC student number.

Hours are 10 or less per week, and pay is generally pretty darn good. Jobs offered can range from lab assistants to research assistants to working in various UBC departments or libraries. The goal of these programs is to give students professional experience, in many cases in the field of their study.

Most Work Study/Work Learn positions were posted last week, but more will continue to be posted until mid-September. Be sure to apply soon, as positions are often filled before the final application date has passed.


Work on Campus Week

This week there will be a recruitment fair in Brock Hall, 1874 East Mall. Drop by between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm on the following days to meet employers on campus. Remember to bring your resume!

Monday, August 27th – AMS Food and Beverage

Tuesday, August 28th – Parking & Access Control

Wednesday, August 29th – AMS Retail

 Thursday, August 30th – Annual Giving

(Annual Giving is a call centre that calls alumni and asks for donations.)
For more information, visit Careers Online.

Don’t forget, there are plenty of other job opportunities post on Careers Online throughout the year, so take a look at those too.

You can also apply to work for UBC Food Services or the UBC Aquatic Centre or the many independent businesses on campus, such as Save On Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Happy Hunting! (Bet you thought I wasn’t going to mention there are only 8 days til school starts, didn’t you!)


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