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Welcome to Well Dressed

As I walk around campus, I can’t help but notice how well dressed everyone on this campus seems to be. I can’t help but think, “Am I the only one around here that didn’t buy a chiffon blouse this summer?”  I mean, I worked at a clothing store this summer so I consider myself capable of getting dressed in the morning, but I suppose that since coming back to Vancouver I haven’t been trying very hard. Possibly because the walk from my place to the music building is 30 minutes, and I don’t want to sweat through all my nice clothes.

Sometimes it can feel like the pressure’s on to dress nicely, but it’s also true that if you aren’t the cutting edge of style no one is going to judge you for that either. This isn’t high school anymore guys; if you just want to be comfortable, rest assured you will not become a social outcast for that.  If you’re cool with what you’re wearing, well you know what, so is everyone else.

All I’m saying is this: students at UBC are a good lookin’ bunch, and I personally feel like I need want to come up to the standard.


P.S. Only 9 days!


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