Discussion Schedule

 Note: Due dates are tentative and may change in the course to accommodate opportunities that may emerge. Check the calendar for the updates. The due dates are intended to be the same as response dates  in this course. This has been done intentionally so that the number of noted calendar dates are minimized; you are encouraged to post two days earlier.


 Lesson / Week

Due dates (tentative)

moda  First Day Introductions Wednesday, Week 1
 Lesson 1.1: Auto e-graphy
 Lesson 1.2: Conceptual Challenge
Friday, Week 1
Wednesday, Week 2
 Lesson 2.1: Unpacking Assumptions
 Lesson 2.2: Video Cases
 Lesson 2.3: Interview
Friday, Week 2
Tuesday, Week 3
Tuesday, Week 4
 Lesson 3 (optional): Framing Issues Friday, Week 4
modulebv2  Module Overview: Design of TELEs
Monday, Week 5
 Module Overview: PCK & TPACK Wednesday, Week 5
 Lesson 1: Anchored Instruction Symposium
Friday, Week 6
 Lesson 2: SKI Forum Friday, Week 7
 Lesson 3: LFU Forum Friday, Week 8
 Lesson 4.1: T-GEM Forum
 Lesson 4.2: Synthesis Forum
Friday, Week 9-10
modc  Lesson 1: Embodied Learning
Friday, Week 11
 Lesson 2: Social Construction
Friday, Week 12
 Lesson 3: Information Visualization
Wednesday, Week 13
 Sharing Resource Forum Throughout the course
 Course Round Up Week 13