Lesson 1.2: Conceptual Challenges

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Due on Wednesday of Week 2.

2. Our second writing activity for this lesson recalls from our biographies, those conceptual challenges we have faced personally in math or science or encountered in our discussions with students, colleagues, or adults. The literature in science and math education has explored the major conceptual challenges in these fields that students face-so you may not be alone in this regard. We have also viewed a video of Heather (recast below), read literature on student misconceptions and found one that is relevant to our personal practice.

In this writing activity, you will synthesize your notes on Heather’s challenges, the challenging topic you chose to investigate, what you found in the article you read, and how it relates to at least one of the required readings. Then, discuss how one might use digital technology and various instructional activities to help children address these conceptions. Aim for 300-500 words in this writing activity. Post your synthesis to the blog and note the target date for responding in the course calendar. Respond to at least one other posting in another thread by the due date above to facilitate discussion on conceptual challenges. Check the calendar.

Watch the video

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