First Day Introductions

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Due on Wednesday of Week 1.

Developing a learning community requires getting to know one another so that we can learn from and with each other and appreciate our diverse backgrounds, prior experiences, and valued contexts. Introduce yourself by posting an introduction to the discussion forum, under Getting Started, First Day Introductions. Do this by Wednesday (also considered Week 1 of the course). Read more on how to contribute to this blog.

1. In your introduction include a description of the following:

  • Where you live (town and country)?
  • Where you are in your MET program and other courses you have taken?
  • What you hope to learn from this course?
  • Anything interesting you would like others to know about you (hobbies, pursuits, past-times, affiliations at work, memberships or previous jobs…)

2. Read several of your peers’ posts and;

3. Respond to at least two posts, with questions or notes of interest before the first Friday.

Hello From Surrey, BC

Posted by: jwlewis on May 23, 2017

Hello from Hamilton!

Posted by: Kirsten Ocoin on May 18, 2017

Calgary Greetings

Posted by: Allen Wideman on May 17, 2017

Hello From Vancouver!

Posted by: seanturn on

Hello from Calgary

Posted by: Laurie Campbell on

Hello From Barrie Ontario

Posted by: maureen boyle on

Hello from White Rock BC

Posted by: Andrew Yeung on

Hello from Vancouver

Posted by: YooYoung on

Hello from East Vancouver

Posted by: Michael Hengeveld on May 16, 2017

Hello from the Cariboo!

Posted by: Meagan Vandekerckhove on

Hello from Winnipeg, MB

Posted by: Derek Cowan on

Hello from Burnaby


Hey from North Vancouver

Posted by: Jocelynn Mortlock on


Posted by: Ryan Silverthorne on

Hello from Abbotsford BC

Posted by: baljeet gill on

Hello from Coquitlam, BC

Posted by: Wanyi Wong on May 15, 2017

Hello from Rossland

Posted by: Nathan Lott on

Hello from Victoria, BC

Posted by: Sarah Winkler on

Greetings from Vancouver, BC

Posted by: Gary Ma on

Hello from Edmonton!

Posted by: momoe on

Greetings from Langley

Posted by: Natalie Roberts on

Hello from Vancouver

Posted by: Cristina Leo on

Hello From Vancouver

Posted by: tyler kolpin on January 11, 2017

Hello from the North Shore of Vancouver!

Posted by: Bryn Hammett on January 8, 2017

Greeting from Vancouver!

Posted by: admin on January 5, 2017