Greeting from Vancouver!

Hi everyone,

I live in Vancouver, B.C. but work as a secondary school teacher in Richmond.  I currently teach a variety of sciences including Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences but not, unfortunately, Biology for which I am technically trained in.

This is my eighth MET course having previously completed 512, 500, 510, 511, 522, 530, and 540.  I feel I use technology comfortably in my courses but lack the time to fully incorporate or develop newer aspects that are available.

Outside of school and the MET program, I have two young children (a five year-old and 3 month old) that occupy most of my time but on the occasional  downtime I enjoy the odd console game and or catching up on reading.

Looking forward to learning with you all!


  1. Good to meet you, Darren. I am also in my eighth course of the MET program.

    Interesting that you are working in the areas of science that you feel that you are not necessary an “expert” in to teach. I find that sometimes life tends to take you places unplanned {in career and other areas}, but I try to view them as “preparation” – preparation for uncharted experiences in the future.

    It sounds like you have a solid foundation of expertise to offer throughout this course. Looking forward to learning with you.

  2. Welcome Darren to ETEC 533. I look forward to learning more about you and your work. Earth Science is an area which would be interesting to explore new technologies. I have been working with UBC to learn more about their fly-over VR technology that they have just created to simulate flying over and in a canyon. Samia

  3. Hi Darren,
    Nice to meet you. Congratulations on the birth of your second child. I can’t even imagine how busy your life must be. I look forward to learning and working with you this term.

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