Lesson 2: SKI/WISE forum

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Due on Friday of Week 7.

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For those doing the e-folio: Consider the questions below and write notes on your responses. Enter a short summary of your notes as an e-folio entry.

  • What was the motivation to create WISE?
  • In what ways does SKI promote knowledge integration through its technological and curriculum design? Describe a typical process for developing a WISE project.
  • How does this design process compare with the Jasper Adventures?
  • How could you use a WISE project in your school or another learning environment?
  • What about WISE would you customize?

For everyone (including e-folio students):

1. Share the project you explored and what you customized. Post an interesting subject header on the project you changed. Create a lesson description for how you could use your customized project to teach a lesson on a topic to a particular group of students.  Feel free to include in the lesson description some activities that do not use the technology as well. Aiming for 300 words or more, extend the lesson description by explicitly drawing upon both SKI theory and WISE research that you read to inform the design of the activities. Also consider applying the following topics to enrich the lesson description and the choice of possible pedagogic strategies: a) misconceptions, b) constructivism, c) PCK, d) inquiry standards and e) instructional feedback. Post in advance of the respond by date.

2. Respond to one other blog post by Friday of Week 7. Check the calendar.

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