Module C

Welcome to the third module in the course: Emerging Genres of Teaching, Learning and Digital Technologies.
New genres of teaching and learning and digital technologies have (re)emerged or been re-invigorated, including: knowledge representation and diffusion, learning-on-demand and embodiment. Each is being amplified and augmented with recent advancements in digital technology, such as: information visualization, collaboratories, hand-helds and virtual reality software, to name a few. Evidence of their application to educational contexts are growing. In this module, we will analyze (re) emerging genres of teaching and learning with new digital technologies and consider their cognitive and social affordances for learning STEM.



Resource Sharing Forum

About the Resource Sharing Forum

This resource share forum is a place for you and your peers to contribute free or low-cost digital resources to the whole class that exemplify the lesson topic, for example, “Knowledge Representation and Information Visualization for Learning Math or Science”. You will be prompted throughout Module C to select a web-based resource to share with the rest of the class in a Resource Sharing Forum.