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Hello From Surrey, BC

Hello Everyone,

After some technical difficulties I can now log in!

My name is James Lewis, I am a Science, Math, and Robotics Teacher in the Surrey School District. I have worked as a teacher for 6 years and am happy to be getting into the stride of things.

I am in my 4th and 5th MET classes and have really enjoyed them so far. It is still taking a little time to get used to the online work. I am very personable and hands on so the move to a digital classroom has been a challenge for me.

I hope this course will help me use technology more effectively in my instruction. I look forwards to all the skills we will develop and the projects which come out of it.

Thank you,


Hello from Hamilton!

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kirsten and this is my 8th MET course. I am also in ETEC522 as well as 521 (wish me luck!). I took the last semester off so that my husband and I could backpack India, Nepal and Portugal for 2 months. Now we are back and I am ready to (try) and finish my MET!

I am an Elementary teacher with Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board in Hamilton, ON. In my ‘spare time’ I love to travel, read, explore the outdoors and spend time with our families in Orillia, ON. My husband and I also have just finished flipping our first house and are moving on to our second flip for a summer project in our hometown. That being said, it’ll be a very busy summer but I’m hoping to accomplish all of my goals so that come September I can focus solely on teaching again!

STEM is very big in my board and so I am looking forward to learning more about how to incorporate it into my classroom in a non-traditional way (Inquiry perhaps?).

I look forward to learning and working with all of you!


Calgary Greetings

Hello Everyone!

I’m Allen Wideman, and I’m currently a Physical Education specialist teaching at a K-4 elementary school in Calgary, Alberta.  I’m originally from Vancouver, and I’ve previously taught grades 5/6 as a classroom based teacher.  In keeping myself motivated and challenged, I’m looking at potentially making a move back into a classroom role for the upcoming school year.  I took ETEC 532 last term, which provided a great exploration of technology through the Arts and Humanities, and I’m looking forward to engaging with integrating technology for Math and Science, particularly with regards to applications based around STEM.

I’m happy to say that I’m taking my 9th and 10th courses (ETEC 533 and ETEC 590) towards the MET degree, and I’m excited about completing this journey in August.  Other than teaching and technology, I enjoy spending my time trying to keep up with my wife and our 6 year old twins, and we try to be as active in sports as we possibly can.  I’m a life long sports enthusiast, I love the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners, and I’m in the midst of a long, turbulent, and truly unfortunate love affair with the Vancouver Canucks.

I’m looking forward to learning with everyone this term.



Hello From Vancouver!

Hi everyone,

My name is Sean Turner and I’m currently a grade 6/7 teacher at a school in downtown Vancouver. This is my 9th MET course and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! On top of learning the new BC curriculum, I’m also learning the MYP IB program (Middle Years Program, International Baccalaureate). Our school’s grade 6 and 7 classes teach this and I find it fits perfectly with the new BC curriculum.

I love travelling in my spare time. I’ve been lucky enough to have taught at schools in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. From one extreme to the other.

With this course, I hope to learn about STEM challenges/theories, and more engaging ways of teaching math and science using technology.

I look forward to working with you all!

Hello from Calgary

I’m Laurie Campbell, a Grade 4 teacher in Calgary, Alberta.  I am also a PHP developer, which has lead to an interesting smash-up of projects in the last little while.  I am currently working on a student registration site for an “Einstein Day” at our school, where students will have their choice of STEM activities.  We tried something similar last year and it was a lot of fun, for both staff and students.

I am officially half-way through the MET program (yay!).  I particularly enjoyed the last course I took – ETEC 510, Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments.  We made an online book review site with an Instagram component.  That was a neat project to work on.

I started off my career with a BSc. in Ecology and taught high school math before settling into elementary.  I love this age group, but I’m usually looking for ways to “spruce up” the science curriculum, especially.  Alberta is due for a fairly major curriculum redesign, and we’ve been watching closely to see how things are going in BC.  This course looks like it could be a fantastic mix of inspiration/perspiration and I’m looking forward to the learning.


Hello From Barrie Ontario

Hi Everyone,

My name is Maureen! I live in Barrie, Ontario and have been teaching elementary grade students for close to 15 years. At this point in my career I would have thought that I am ready to coast my way to retirement. However, 5 years ago I began to think about technology and its potential to revolutionize education. One idea lead to another, and ended up with me applying to the MET program. That was then and now I am nearing the end of my journey with UBC. This is my second last course!!!!!

I have enjoyed all of my courses to date, but I am super curious about this one. My original degree was a bachelor of science in nursing, so I am interested in exploring any new learning that is related to science.

The city of Barrie is a great place to visit if you are thinking of traveling for the summer. It’s located in Central Ontario on the shore of Kempenfelt Bay and only an hour away from Toronto.

I look forward to getting to know everyone over the next little while:)

Hello from White Rock BC

Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew Yeung, and I’m currently in my sixth year teaching high school in White Rock, BC. My background is in Physics and Chemistry, and I have the privilege of teaching the International Baccalaureate IB program as part of my course load.

This semester I’m taking my fourth and fifth MET classes (also taking 512), having completed 511, 500 and 510. As this course is specific to teaching Science and Math, I’m excited to explore different technologies to a) reflect on my teaching practice, and b) see where digital media can practically enhance the learning experience.

In my free time, I like going for walks and playing sports like Ultimate and Badminton. Looking forward to learning with you all. Cheers,


Hello from Vancouver

My name is YooYoung. I live in Vancouver BC and have a 10-month old daughter. It has been a real challenge to take care of her as a first-time mom while taking MET courses.

This is my 9th MET course. I learned a great deal about online education throughout the MET program. I am a senior IT application analyst and have been working in the technology sector since 1999. I have witnessed and experienced different stages of technological evolution in the past 17 years and believe that the advances in educational technology are the most interesting ones to influence our learning. Educational technology is ubiquitous and has a great impact in all learning areas. STEM education is no exception when it comes down to delivering content with the help of modern technologies.
I am taking MET courses because I want to apply what I learn to my future business. I am excited to learn, together with all of you, about the potential applications of educational technology in STEM education and to share my ideas and experiences with the class from a technological perspective.

Hello from East Vancouver

Hello All,

I’m Mike Hengeveld and I’ve been teaching math and physics at Templeton Secondary in East Vancouver since 2000.  I also live in this neighbourhood, so I see a lot of my own students around!  This is my third MET course–just finished 510 and 500.

I was motivated to enroll in the MET program and this course in particular because of my interest in project based learning and all things STEM  (  I’m pretty piqued by the curriculum and pedagogical changes going on since I took my B.Ed in ’99 and it was time to get back to the literature and engaging discussions with peers.

I have four kids, the oldest of whom will be in my high school next Sept–my youngest is five and very alive.  They keep me both honest and busy, but there is still time for a bit of guitar playing and the odd climbing trip.

Really looking forward to this course and working with you all!

Hello from the Cariboo!

Hi everyone! I’m Meagan and I am currently a grade 6/7 teacher in the Cariboo-Chilcotin school district (Williams Lake). I grew up in Langley but the city was too busy for me so I moved up here to start my teaching career and haven’t looked back. I am actually in the process of looking for and buying my first house which is both an exciting and nerve-wracking venture. 

I am currently taking my 4th, 5th and 6th courses this summer. I am also taking ETEC 512 and ETEC 565A and have previously taken ETEC 521, ETEC 511 and ETEC 532. I know it will be a lot of work but I look forward to the challenge!