Hello from Calgary

I’m Laurie Campbell, a Grade 4 teacher in Calgary, Alberta.  I am also a PHP developer, which has lead to an interesting smash-up of projects in the last little while.  I am currently working on a student registration site for an “Einstein Day” at our school, where students will have their choice of STEM activities.  We tried something similar last year and it was a lot of fun, for both staff and students.

I am officially half-way through the MET program (yay!).  I particularly enjoyed the last course I took – ETEC 510, Design of Technology-Supported Learning Environments.  We made an online book review site with an Instagram component.  That was a neat project to work on.

I started off my career with a BSc. in Ecology and taught high school math before settling into elementary.  I love this age group, but I’m usually looking for ways to “spruce up” the science curriculum, especially.  Alberta is due for a fairly major curriculum redesign, and we’ve been watching closely to see how things are going in BC.  This course looks like it could be a fantastic mix of inspiration/perspiration and I’m looking forward to the learning.



  1. Hi Laurie,

    An “Einstein Day” sounds fantastic! Are you on Twitter? I would love to see how that works out. It’s funny that Alberta is due for a curriculum redesign when here in BC we are often looking at parts of the Alberta curriculum 🙂 I’m biased, but I am thrilled with the official inclusion of ADST (Applied Design, Skills & Technologies) in the curriculum. Teachers are really thinking about how to infuse design thinking into all areas of the curriculum. As a science/math person, it is wonderful to see “mash-ups” with the arts, humanities and sci-matics. Fantastic opportunities for our students.

  2. Hi Laurie,

    Great to see a familiar face! Hope you have been enjoying the MET and congrats on making it to the halfway point.


  3. Hi Laurie,

    Great to see a fellow Calgarian/Albertan here! Which school are you currently at? We’ve certainly been eagerly awaiting the curriculum redesign, and I’m also very curious to see how this all unfolds for us across the province.

    Looking forward to learning with you this term.

    – Allen.

  4. Hi Laurie

    Yes, BC is going through a major curriculum change — and I am not sure everyone knows what they are doing — including me 🙂


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