Chat Rooms

In grade five, I remember the first time we were brought to the computer lab to use the computers. Prior to arriving, our teacher had asked us, “What do you want to be able to do on the computer?” I remember writing, ‘I want to learn how to use the internet.’ Shortly after, my parents bought our family’s first PC computer. I was navigating it immediately, troubleshooting and problem solving. Somehow or other, I accessed an online chat room and was introduced to my first experience with a virtual social community. I was fascinated that a machine could connect me with people in other countries. This experience was memorable because it folded over into my professional development. Twitter has become a platform I use daily to connect with teachers outside of my school community. My students have experienced the benefits of virtual communication as we have received ideas, resources, shared our projects, and even had the opportunity to live chat with the NBA on a virtual field trip. I am constantly amazed at the way technology connects professionals, allowing for professional development and collaboration.



  1. What a fantastic opportunity for your students to have a virtual field trip with an NBA team. The idea of virtual field trips sounds great and I hope I get to hear more about it, over this term.

  2. Wow! I agree that the virtual field trip is a fantastic way to connect with new communities. I work with a younger age group so often I find myself concentrating on the filtering of inappropriate content, teaching them to be safe online – pointing out the more negative sides of the internet and protecting them from it. But I love your idea of using the openness and access the internet gives us to other countries and communities! I want to give this new approach a try!

    1. Hi Jocelynn, I do cover the same issues as you do, however I try to put a more positive spin on it, and spend more time highlighting the benefits of technology. 🙂

  3. Internet — I remember dial-up and the noise it would make and the lack of speed. Now, I do not think I can use anything less than Shaw 150 🙂


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