Lesson 2.2: Video Cases

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Due on Tuesday of Week 3.

Observe the videos and make notes on what you see and what you don’t see but wonder about. Analyze your observations using your response to the question explored in Lesson 2 Activity 1: Unpacking Assumptions, “What is a good use of technology in math and science classrooms?”, as a prompt, frame an issue that stands out for you stemming from your observation of the video case materials. Ask yourselves and each other:

  • What are the underlying issues and why are they issues?
  • What further questions does the video raise for you?
  • How would you explore a response to this issue?
  • How might the issue that is raised exacerbate or ameliorate a conceptual challenge held by students?

1. Post your analysis of the video cases (select Video Cases category). That is, note points of similarities and differences or express an interest in an issue raised and explain the reason for your interest.

2. Provide feedback to your peers related to the issues generated. Do so by the date above. Check the calendar.

 Note:We will revisit issues/questions with the next activity, Build Your Own Case. Please read it now and note the due dates.

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