Design of TELEs

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Due on Monday of Week 5.

“Designers should provide students with environments that restructure the discourse of …classrooms around collaborative knowledge building and the social construction of meaning” (Kozma, 2003, p.9).

  • What do you think designers of learning experiences should do?
  • How would you design a technology-enhanced learning experience?

1. In response to Kozma and Roblyer and the above questions, create your own personal, short (less than 200 words) statement on an ideal pedagogical design of a technology-enhanced learning experience for math and/or science. Begin with the definition of technology from the previous page and then include your response to form a statement on the Design of TELEs. Feel free to include visual images to enrich your statement.

2. Post your statement to the Design of TELEs forum on the blog site. Post in advance of the respond by date. Read others’ statements; suspend judgement and pose questions. Reply/respond by Monday of Week 5. Check the calendar.

3. Incorporate this statement in your final assignment (e.g. post as an entry to your e-folio now or use in your final TELE design assignment).

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