Lesson 1.1: Auto e-graphy

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Due on Friday, Week 1.

1. Our first writing activity for the course will focus on our prior experiences with digital technology in educational settings. This initial writing is meant to help us recall our earliest memories with digital technology, become aware of our perspectives, the assumptions that underlie these perspectives expectations regarding human-computer interactions, and the extent to which our perspectives prior experiences with computers are similar or different. This autobiographical writing or “auto e-ography” will be a seed for further analysis and reflection over the next several lessons.


Write and share an auto e-ography related to a critical or well-remembered event you have had with digital technology. (Please ensure that this event is relevant and suitable for sharing with your colleagues in the context of the course. Some starters might include: "The first time I used the computer to teach math... ; "I joined an online science educators community to share..."; "My oldest computer was an Apple IIc..." or "I observed my daughter clicking on the keyboard at home..."). This will be a short (about 100 words) entry that will form the first entry of your inquiry e-folio if you choose this assignment (see the Assignment section under Course information; the next page will show how to get your e-folio set up).

To prompt the auto e-ography, think back to a well-remembered event and something that stands out for you related to technology (could be positive or negative or both). Describe this event, why it is a memorable event for you, and the questions it now raises for you.

The post need not be only text-based and can include other forms of media.

Read as many of the postings of others as you can and briefly respond to at least 2 of your peer's postings from a new thread with questions or notes of interest. Respond by the due date above, Friday of Week 1.

 Note: It will also be in the calendar. See below your posts.


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