(Math) Blast from the past

When I was in Grade 5 my grandfather purchased my family our first home computer. I remember seeing this large piece of technology and thinking to myself, how exciting! However, I quickly realized that I did not speak the same language of this computer, and would quickly need to learn what MS-Dos was all about. One of the biggest challenges with this new technology was that there was no expert in my household or even in my school who was able to teach me how to capitalize on all of the features it held, and I didn’t know what questions to ask. When we started to buy different programs, such as Midnight Rescue a reading comprehension clue game, Reader Rabbit, Math Blaster or Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego games was I able to ‘do’ more with the computer. One thing that has always stayed with me is thinking about how far we have come since the day we unpacked that giant, desktop computer, today we open a box and out comes a laptop with graphics, sound, and wifi capabilities all set up and ready to go. In the early 90s you had a computer, and that was it unless you purchased the speakers separately. Today, I continue to realize that there are many different languages associated with computer technology, such as coding that I need to become more fluent with.

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