Lesson 2.3: Interview

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Due on Tuesday of Week 4.

Share an abstract of your interview using three key words as identifiers.

Read at least three of your peers’ abstracts and look for connections, similarities and differences within particular issue/questions, and across multiple contexts. You can use the guiding questions below as well to prompt reflection.

  • How was your interview unique?
  • What does this say about the context/place or the issue?

1. The abstract should include a brief background of the interviewee (teaching experience and current teaching context), background of the interview setting (place and time of interview) and at least three summary points (with copius use of supporting quotes) that highlight the main aspects of the interview that based on your analysis are important to you or are representative of the interviewees views. This abstract should be between 250 and 350 words at minimum. Ensure to use a set of key words and descriptors in the subject heading that reflects the nature of your interview. Post in advance of the respond by date.
2. Respond to others’ postings by Tuesday of Week 4. Check the calendar.

New, and Travelling Teachers and Technology

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Reflection, Possibilities, and Limitations in Grade 3

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Challenges, Learning, Misconceptions

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Interpretation, Personalization, Search

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Different Styles, Support, Uses

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Change in Thinking, Availability (and Plan B), Openness

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Adaptive, Misuse, Support

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Engagement, Assessment, and Aid

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Value, Caution, and Support

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Goals, Engagement, and Experiences.

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Differentiation, Balance, and support for implementation

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Training, Context and Flexibility – an interview of a clinician-educator

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Meaningful, student-centered, differentiation

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Senior Science: Efficiency, Essential, Deep Learning

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Student-Directed, Funding, Curriculum-Driven

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Risk, Resources and Collaboration

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Engagement, Assessment & Barrier

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Trial and Error, Relationship, Advancement

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Kindergarten Math and Science: Essential, Interactive, Creative.

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Keywords: Independent Learning, Choice, Interactivity

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