Lesson 3: LfU Forum

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Due on Friday of Week 8.
Select one of the following three questions that resonate with you and your ongoing awareness of the implications technology has for students, teaching practice, curriculum development, and schools. Write preliminary notes and refine for posting to our discussion forum (see below).

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  • Using additional literature from the field of science education, what are several conceptual challenges students might have today with understanding Earth Science that LfU might support?
  • In what ways would you teach an LfU-based activity to explore a concept in math or science? Draw on LfU and My World scholarship to support your pedagogical directions. Given its social and cognitive affordances, extend the discussion by describing how the activity and roles of the teacher and students are aligned with LfU principles.
  • Imagine how LfU principles might be applied to a topic you teach. Now switch out the My World technology. What other domain specific (and non-domain specific) software might help you achieve these principles while teaching this topic? By domain-specific, we mean software designed for STEM education, and by non-domain specific, we mean software or other forms of technology that could be used generally in multiple domains (eg. Wikis). Other GIS software can be selected for the switch.

1. Share one of your entries to the questions above (ensure that your post uses the readings you read in this lesson and quotes from them). Utilize a relevant and interesting subject header to invite readers to your post. Post in advance of the respond by date.

2. Respond to one other blog post by Friday of Week 8. Check the calendar.

3. Inquiry e-folio: If you are doing this for your final assignment, include your response also as an entry in your e-folio.

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