Lesson 4.1: T-GEM

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Due on Friday of Week 9.
Select a challenging concept in your field.

  • State how you know it is a challenge for students (eg. practice, student tests, and research on misconceptions).
  • Plan a 3-step T-GEM cycle for this challenging concept in your field. Use a visual to assist in showing the plan.
  • Select an appropriate digital technology that may work for this concept (does not have to be the software above; can contribute a new resource such as a different simulation).

1. Share the above in the T-GEM discussion forum. Post in advance of the respond by date.

2. Comment on two of your peers’ plans with further questions by Friday of Week 9. Check the Calendar.

3. You may also with to copy your plan and reflect on the questions above for your final TELE design assignment (option 2).

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