Lesson 4.2: Synthesis Forum

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Due on Thursday of Week 10.

Now that you have examined four foundational technology-enhanced learning environments, compare and contrast T-GEM and Chemland with:

  • Anchored Instruction and Jasper
  • SKI and WISE
  • LfU and MyWorld

1. The posting should entail a comparison and contrast of the four environments on learning goals and theory. The comparison and contrast should be followed by a synthesis that reflects what you have learned about the design of technology-enhanced learning environments that might have an impact on how you teach and learn in your own context or might have an impact on how science and math teachers might integrate technology in their class environments. Utilize a visual or a tabular representation to assist with the text. Do so in advance of the respond by date.

2. Respond to two other posts. Do so by Thursday of Week 10. Check the calendar.

 Note: This synthesis activity will conclude Module B. Please check the calendar for when your Module B meritorious post is due and Module C activities begin.


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