1. Hi Dana,

    Thanks for providing a thorough synthesis of the four diverse yet similar TELEs. I liked your breakdown of Situated Learning, Evaluation of Learning, Acquisition of Learning and Modification/Reorganization of Knowledge because these are very unique perspectives of comparing and contrasting the four learning environments. How did you generate these areas of comparison? Great synthesis!

    1. Hi Gloria, Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 As I’m sure we all do in some way, when I read the studies/essays, I make notes. (Old school notes. With heaps of highlighter colours, lol.) The LfU reading gave a “3 Step Process”: Motivation, Knowledge Construction, and Knowledge Refinement. These three steps seemed to really overlap with all of the other TELEs, we investigated and with the theory embedded in other courses we have taken. So I suppose, I created categories that originated from the LfU, but then modified them to “umbrella” over all of them. Hopefully, that makes sense! 🙂 Dana

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