1. Hi Derek

    I like the fact that you discussed that quality is more important than quantity. I know in my own physics classes, I have reduced the number of questions that students need to submit and spend more time working on the process of solving the problems.

    I wonder if you could expand on how you will “redesign your existing units based…models”.

    I like how you had a technology and application column in your table. A good next step might be to add another column to your table that would include a specific example of an application.


  2. One way I will redesign experiences is to use simulations more purposefully in science. I have definitely been guilty of just providing access to technology enabled experiences without embedding it within a pedagogical framework. I can think of simulations I use for the water cycle, body systems, forces, and changes in matter that I think I can use more effectively by employing the T-GEM model.

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