When technologies don’t go according to plan

My first vivid encounter, well the one that first came to mind, with technology around education would be attempting to register into my first year of courses in my Bachelors. Young and excited to register, I had my list and my time and I started dialing at just the right moment. It wouldn’t work. I tried again, still no success. In panic that I wouldn’t get the classes I needed I remember driving to the swimming pool I worked at as a lifeguard and stood in the middle of the pool deck office and successfully registered for my classes. The problem, we didn’t have a touch tone phone. That sense of despair and panic in those moments are something I keep close as I navigate introducing new technologies in my classroom and school. Maintaining a focus on using a supportive and varied entry-leveled approach to ensure greater success for all.


  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah. I’ve only heard about having to call in to register for university courses. Would they have a live person helping you or was it somehow automated? I remember a friend would have her whole family call in to see which line got through first. So I’m definitely not complaining about online registrations, even though it freezes from time to time.

    1. It was all automated Andrew. I am sure more efficient than the long lines I had heard of in person registration, but all it took was one wrong code and you could be taking the wrong course. I much prefer on-line registration like we do for MET.

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