Many shades of gray…

Thinking back, way back, I recall making the trek down the elementary school hall to the “computer lab”. Initially I was excited to get the opportunity to go to the computer lab and “play” a variety of educational games. However, the grayness of the “machines” and keyboards, the bland countertops, the stark fluorescent lighting, and uncomfortable wood stacking chairs (that gave us slivers) is still engrained in my mind. This original “lab” design stands in contrast to how we present technology to our students today (thankfully). I believe that part of the reason I was never interested in technology back then was that it was just so….bland. While my brother enjoyed the first Nintendo Gameboy and console, the shades of gray plastic (and the technology encased within) never appealed to me. Perhaps I’m just a sucker for marketing.


  1. Interesting observation with the grayness of technology. Your post also made me reflect on advantages and disadvantages for having centralized versus decentralized labs. With many schools verging on being over-crowded, computer labs are often used for subjects outside info-matics.

  2. It’s interesting that you mention the grayness of the tech machines when they first came out. I somehow wonder companies didn’t have to make them more “flashy” than what they already were. Back then, we were already mesmerized (some of us) with this new technology. I guess in hindsight, companies could have made it more eye-catching to consumers and students. Nowadays, we can buy virtually any tech device in any colour. Is this industry fading or just trying to appeal to more individuals?

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