The first time I can remember using a computer was in Grade 5.  Every Friday, our class would go downstairs into the computer lab and we would use a program that I just remember being called Turtle.  A cute little green turtle, navigated around the screen by the commands that we entered.  The turtle would form cool shapes, such as a square or even a star.  I was mesmerized that I could make the turtle move so effortlessly using basic commands.  To this day I remember anxiously waiting for Fridays, so that we could head to the computer lab to perform “magic” with the turtle.


    1. I actually had to google Lego programming because I have not heard of it. Turtle, seems a little more basic compared to what I have read about Lego programming.

  1. When Templeton Secondary School first got their computer lab — I was the only teacher using it with students. It took about three years before a signup book was created — too many teachers wanted to use the computer lab.

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