Where’s the DOS prompt?

I grew up with Vic-20, C-64, and the DOS prompt.  My only real motivation, of course, was to play games.  I recall practicing rhythmic breathing at dinner soas to finish ahead of my bros and race downstairs to be the first to get back on “Jumpman”.  I grew up a bit, learned a smidge of programming and later left for England on an undergraduate exchange.  Somehow, in the 10 months I was gone, the entire continent switched to Windows and Mac.  Upon return, I found that my understanding of computer systems was radically compromised.

“Where’s the DOS prompt?”

I never truly recovered.


  1. Hey Michael,

    Nice to see a familiar face. I too remember the DOS prompt and having to exit windows 95 to “full DOS mode” in order to play games like Duke Nukem and Starcraft because Windows couldn’t handle it.

    – Baljeet

    1. Duke Nukem! Awesome fun. It was Castle Wolfenstein and Doom for me and the siblings. Glad to see you here too.

  2. I remember playing ping pong…I would play for hours — trying to beat my brothers. Now, there are too many buttons on the remotes — I get confused and my boys beat me all the time when we are playing wii games.


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