Hello from East Vancouver

Hello All,

I’m Mike Hengeveld and I’ve been teaching math and physics at Templeton Secondary in East Vancouver since 2000.  I also live in this neighbourhood, so I see a lot of my own students around!  This is my third MET course–just finished 510 and 500.

I was motivated to enroll in the MET program and this course in particular because of my interest in project based learning and all things STEM  (https://www.templetonstem.org).  I’m pretty piqued by the curriculum and pedagogical changes going on since I took my B.Ed in ’99 and it was time to get back to the literature and engaging discussions with peers.

I have four kids, the oldest of whom will be in my high school next Sept–my youngest is five and very alive.  They keep me both honest and busy, but there is still time for a bit of guitar playing and the odd climbing trip.

Really looking forward to this course and working with you all!


  1. Hi Mike

    My 3rd and 4th years of teaching high school was at Templeton. It was there I was introduced to the PLATO computer program — students that were struggling in math would be put onto the computer to do their work…I do not think it helped them 🙁


    1. Hey Chris,

      Talking to Ed Leung today and he mentioned that he taught with you at Templeton. Small world!

      Q: I just about missed this comment b/c I haven’t figured out how to filter/turn on notifications for when I receive a comment. Surfing the stream is proving to be a struggle as there are currently three or four different topics of conversation. This was more obvious on Blackboard. Can you help me out?

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