Hello from Vancouver

My name is YooYoung. I live in Vancouver BC and have a 10-month old daughter. It has been a real challenge to take care of her as a first-time mom while taking MET courses.

This is my 9th MET course. I learned a great deal about online education throughout the MET program. I am a senior IT application analyst and have been working in the technology sector since 1999. I have witnessed and experienced different stages of technological evolution in the past 17 years and believe that the advances in educational technology are the most interesting ones to influence our learning. Educational technology is ubiquitous and has a great impact in all learning areas. STEM education is no exception when it comes down to delivering content with the help of modern technologies.
I am taking MET courses because I want to apply what I learn to my future business. I am excited to learn, together with all of you, about the potential applications of educational technology in STEM education and to share my ideas and experiences with the class from a technological perspective.


  1. Thanks for the intro YooYoung (or do you prefer yoyo?). I’m curious when you mention the ‘different stages of technological evolution’, are there particular technologies that characterize each stage, and whether you feel the progression has overall been more beneficial or detrimental. In your opinion, are there pedagogical themes that reoccur over the decades?

    Looking forward to learning with you,

  2. Nice to meet you YooYoung. It is a lot to balance family, school, work, and (hopefully) some fun! Looking forward to a great term.


  3. Hi YooYoung,

    Balancing family, work, school, and friends can sometimes be overwhelming. But it can also be rewarding. Remember to look after yourself and it is ok to sometimes say no — especially if it takes away from your family.


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