My earliest interaction with technology at school was with a single computer at the back of each classroom in elementary school. For the most part it went unused, but every so often we took turns playing the game Lemmings on it when there was extra time. After elementary school, most of my memories are of word processing, typing classes, internet research projects, etc.. The one technology I remember very positively from throughout school was the use of video cameras. I was part of several group movie projects over the years that I still have VHS copies of. I remember them as unique (at the time) highly engaging, collaborative projects that really captured our interest and imagination.


  1. Hey Derek–holy cow, I’d forgotten all about Lemmings. Now I am trying to remember exactly what that was about without cheating and just looking it up. A memory test of sorts. I like that you brought up video cameras as a revolutionary technology. I too remember having the option of making claymation videos for english (instead of writing) and choosing to do a video tutorial for physics (instead of writing). Pretty forward thinking for the early 1990’s! I now regularly use the student production of videos in both my math and science classrooms, albeit with iPads.

  2. Hi Derek,

    I was drawn in by the title of your post, as I had many experiences in school as well with the game, Lemmings. It’s interesting to note that the game existed, in many different forms and updated versions, throughout the course of many years.

    I was wondering if you had the opportunity to work with video editing technology in VHS format, and if so, what technology was available to you at school?

    Thanks for your post.

    – Allen.

    1. Hi Allen,

      We had access, for about a week, to the old video cameras that recorded right onto VHS. We had to either shoot in perfect sequence or pull out two VCR’s to painstakingly edit. I do not think I would have the patience for it today but at the time I remember loving it.

      – Derek

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