Wheel of Fortune

My first experience with technology was when I was around 8 years old.  My uncle brought home a old computer from his work and set it up for us. The only game that the computer seemed to be able to handle as well as the only one that interested me was wheel of fortune. In regards to Mathematics and Science I’ve found that there are many programs that focus mainly on rote skills rather than application.  I received a program grant for my class from explore learning to allow my grade 4s to practice their math facts.  As a result, this has opened up some time for me to focus on more problem solving and applied skills. As far as Science is concerned, last year I got a subscription to the Big History Project. This site allowed me to combine the grade 7 socials and science curriculum into one class.  One struggle I’m having with the grade 4’s this year is that they just don’t seem to be as techy. It’s much more challenging to get them to explore options outside of a math app. I’m wondering how I can get them to be more innovative and be less afraid to take risks when using educational technologies.

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  1. Hi Josh,
    What a great opportunity you have. Your observations are exactly right. The grade fours have likely spent the last 4 years learning to follow rules. That if they do what the teacher says they don’t get in trouble. They have perhaps learned the role too well. They are already afraid to try and explore. They want the formula to do it the right way the first way. Encourage kids to try and explore on their own. Provide positive feedback for taking a risk. Design an activity that lets them take a scavenger hunt tour of the internet in a choose your own adventure format. Let them design crazy creations that there is no right or wrong for. They can apply concepts they have learned thus far to solve a problem that there are no right answers for.
    Once they see they are allowed to make mistakes and that doing things a different way doesn’t mean it is wrong they will become more comfortable taking chances.

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