TELEs Design

As technology is used to improve, empower, and advance human knowledge, Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TELEs) should be focused on providing a more effective and efficient method for students to learn key skills useful in their future lives. From a design perspective, TELEs need to focus on explicitly addressing learning competencies in a well-organized and easy to follow format. Learners must be able to understand the reasons for completing each activity, and be able to understand how to adequately achieve the desired objectives.

I believe that designers of learning experiences should craft a course which has a well-structured layout for students to be able to understand and thrive in an online environment. Beyond this, learners should be able to include their interests and past experiences to better integrate new knowledge into their long term memories. An effective TELE will strive to include many of the personal aspects of conventional classrooms while using technology to enhance the learning process.


  1. I like the fact that you discussed that TELEs should be effective and efficient.

    I wonder if it should be teachers or instructional designers that should be designing the TELEs.

    A good next step might be explain how to monitor the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of TELEs


    1. I believe that the teachers will get the first-hand feedback from students about any inefficient TELE design choices. If there is a separation between teachers and designers in a TELE, there needs to be clear feedback from the teacher to the designer over what issues have arisen from such a design.

  2. I wonder what the best way to address the learning competencies is for students? A handout of the learning objectives? Displayed on the whtieboard? Will it be the same way for primary students and intermediate students? I agree that this is important, not just for the learners but for the teachers as well.

    1. Absolutely, having the learning competencies directly stated is very important to ensure the teacher and the students are making the best choices to achieve progress of those competencies.

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