Calgary Greetings

Hello Everyone!

I’m Allen Wideman, and I’m currently a Physical Education specialist teaching at a K-4 elementary school in Calgary, Alberta.  I’m originally from Vancouver, and I’ve previously taught grades 5/6 as a classroom based teacher.  In keeping myself motivated and challenged, I’m looking at potentially making a move back into a classroom role for the upcoming school year.  I took ETEC 532 last term, which provided a great exploration of technology through the Arts and Humanities, and I’m looking forward to engaging with integrating technology for Math and Science, particularly with regards to applications based around STEM.

I’m happy to say that I’m taking my 9th and 10th courses (ETEC 533 and ETEC 590) towards the MET degree, and I’m excited about completing this journey in August.  Other than teaching and technology, I enjoy spending my time trying to keep up with my wife and our 6 year old twins, and we try to be as active in sports as we possibly can.  I’m a life long sports enthusiast, I love the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners, and I’m in the midst of a long, turbulent, and truly unfortunate love affair with the Vancouver Canucks.

I’m looking forward to learning with everyone this term.




  1. Hello Allen,
    I have to say that I think it is amazing that your school has a PE specialist at the elementary level. Not something I have seen and yet could go such a long way to supporting a more varied and diverse PE program and set kids up with healthy attitudes to moving their bodies.

    I to am interested in STEM. We have a teacher at my current school who is quite passionate and doing some really interesting things with it in her classroom. I have dabbled a tiny bit but hope to gain a much better understanding to bring to my classroom next year.

  2. Hi Allen,

    I’m impressed that you are taking two courses. I’m in the same boat as you, two more courses before completion. I thought about taking two courses as well but I couldn’t swing the time demands. Good luck! I’m looking forward to learning from you.


  3. Hello Allen,

    Congratulations on being in the home stretch of the MET program! I am taking two courses at this time as well. What is life without a little stress, right?

    I recently traveled to Calgary for the first time in April for a school robotics competition. I was very impressed wit the city. It is definitely different from Vancouver and the rest of the lowermainland.

    I look forwards to working with you,

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