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Due: throughout Module C.

Please contribute at least one relevant resource in this Module to our resource share forum.

The digital resource should not be one of the computer applications already reviewed in the course. Post the url to this resource in the Resource Sharing forum with your subject header being the name of the resource.

To assist in your analysis of the software, and following our example, consider the following questions in your post:

  • Why is visualization necessary (or not) for student understanding of math or science?
  • What are the multiple ways that students’ understanding could be represented with this dynamic visualization software and what are the implications for teaching practice?
  • What are some ways that a students’ understanding could be challenged with dynamic visualization software?
  • What are the social opportunities and potential cognitive opportunities that may emerge from interaction with this software?
  • How are the specific features of the software connected to these opportunities?
  • How would you use this technology in a classroom?

1. The post should also briefly describe how this digital resource, in your opinion, is an example of the topic being studied, for example, when we study knowledge representation and information visualization, you would write about what makes this resource one that could be labeled as representing mathematical or scientific knowledge in multiple forms (e.g. graphs) or visualizing the subject in multiple forms (e.g. ball and stick model of a chemical, food web). Write also about the social and cognitive affordances of the technology for learning math and/or science.

2. Please post as often as you would like; remember that the resource should be:

  1. related to the topics in this module;
  2. a recommended digital technology for the domains of math and/or science, and;
  3. at no or limited cost.

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