Fatima, Mohammed, Alyazia and Saeed are in the Desert Club at School…

I took a closer look at the Graphing Stories (with motion probes) I decided to make this lesson more ELL friendly for students in the UAE, this could be used by students from grade 6 to 8 .  I changed the names of the students in the question to names that students here would be more familiar with, I also make the English significantly less wordy and easier to understand without taking away from what was being asked in the questions.


I would start a lesson on graphing by giving my students a choice of 4 chocolate bars and asking them which is their favorite.  I would then ask them how would they show this in a graph.  I would then show them various graphs and we would go over how to read them. Students that are stronger in English can be paired with students that are weaker to complete this activity. This WISE project would be an excellent way to promote critical thinking in students which is heavily promoted in UAE schools now and it would also help students with logistic manipulation of computer programs, a skill that many of my students need to work on. SKI learners are viewed as adding ideas to their repertoire of models and reorganizing their knowledge (pg. 189).  I think that this activity would be an excellent way to help my students interact with graphs and the questioning that accompanies them.




Learning to Teach Inquiry Science in a Technology-Based Environment: A Case Study Author(s): Michelle Williams, Marcia C. Linn, Paul Ammon and Maryl Gearhart Source: Journal of Science Education and Technology, Vol. 13, No. 2 (Jun., 2004), pp. 189- 206

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