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Hello everyone, I have been teaching for about 15 years and I am currently a grade 5 teacher in the little ski/ mountain bike town of Rossland, BC.  This will be my 3rd course in the MET program,  I am also taking 512, raising two toddlers and teaching full time, so I will be busy!  I have been working on applying our new ADST curriculum and core subjects into  physical computing (Raspberry Pi’s/coding), 3D printing/design (Tinkercad) and Multi User Virtual Environments (Minecraft) over the past 5 years in my classroom.  I hope that through this course I can gain new perspectives and ideas from both the course itself and all of you, that I can apply to my teaching practice.  I love making music with digital tools, laser cutting and 3D design as well as playing with my kids.  Looking forward to an interesting course!

A picture of my family




  1. Hi Nathan,

    The technology such as coding, 3D printing and Minecraft that you are implementing in your classroom sounds awesome! I am very interested in the making of physical products (and not just posters) as I aim to make learning more real for my students. As a business teacher, I have just started to explore tools such as 3D printing so I hope to gain some insight into what has worked for you and some of the cool stuff your students have come up with!

    Looking forward to the term!

  2. Thanks for the intro Nathan. Like Baljeet, I’m excited to see what new opportunities 3D printing affords to teaching and learning. I recently attended a pro-d where workshop leaders were demonstrating how artifacts could be designed with specific purposes in mind, serving as a cost-effective and incredibly relevant resource for education. Looking forward to learning with you.


  3. Nice to see you again Nathan! What you are doing with classroom sounds amazing. I just purchased a Tinkerine printer and am excited to finally get into the 3D printing world 🙂 I may have to pick your brain! I’m taking 512 as well. We will be busy!


  4. Hi Nathan!

    Great to see a familiar face in the course! Looking forward to hearing more about the innovative and exciting things you are doing in your classroom. I started a coding/robotics club with my 5s this term, and they have been having a great time developing their computational thinking through Scratch–I even showed them the video you created and they were impressed!


  5. Wow. It boggles my mind how advanced elementary schools are in comparison to med school. Integration of “tech” in med school means lectures being vod casted and maybe using some social media, but even that’s limited!

  6. Hi Nathan

    I think I went to Rossland in the early 1980s for the BC Winter Games. I was there for x-country skiing — I remember it being very very cold. I won a gold medal for the relay race. I still have the letter from the premier and the medal — they are both in a frame in my exercise room.


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