Hello from Victoria, BC

Hello Everyone,
My name is Sarah and I live in Victoria, BC. I am currently in course 7 and 8 of my MET journey and this is my last required course. I have enjoyed taking 530, 540, 565A and I am currently also in 533. It has been busy but I am constantly amazed at this adventure I am on.

This is the course that drew me to met. The idea of being able to bring technology into my Math classroom is intriguing and while I have done a little with tech in my classroom I look forward to gaining more ideas and frameworks to bring into my classroom.

In my life outside MET, I am a vice principal at an elementary school and also currently teaching Grade 4. In rare, quiet moments, I enjoy hanging out with my husband and two boys. Caleb is in Grade 4 and Zachary is in Grade 2.

Here’s to a great semester. Sarah


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Looks like we’re in both classes together this semester. Looking forward to learning with you.


  2. Hi Sarah,

    I have two boys as well, George (18) and Paul (16). I start my Master’s degree when George was born and finished when Paul was almost born. Looking back I should have not started when there was a new baby in the family 🙂


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