Hello from Vancouver

Hello Everyone!

My name is Cristina and this is my 5th course in the MET program. I am currently teaching Grade 5 in an independent school in Delta, BC where I have been teaching for the past 9 years. This fall I will be moving to Grade 1, as I have never taught in the primary years, and have decided to take on this new opportunity! My goal for this course is to learn more about implementing technology into science and math classes in a hands on and user friendly way, both to enhance the learning experiences of my students, and spark passion in their knowledge of these two disciplines. In my spare time I love to travel, and will be spending some time in Italy this summer. I’m looking forward to learning alongside everyone during this course.


  1. Hi Cristina,

    Summer in Italy sounds fantastic. I was there a few years ago but only for 2 weeks (that’s where I got engaged!) I wish I had more time to explore more of the country. I am definitely planning on going back at some point in my life. Where are you planning to go?


  2. Hi Cristina,

    Nice to meet you. I love traveling as well, so Italy sounds exciting. I’ve never been there but I heard it’s very pretty. Teaching primary grades is fun, you just need more energy. I did primary grades for my teaching practicum in Ontario then worked with some of them in South Korea while teaching English, and being happy and energy seems to be the major similarity. I look forward to hearing your ideas.


  3. Hi Cristina

    My hat goes off to you for taking on the primary grades. I remember going into my son’s primary classes and working with the class on iPad projects. I look forward to your journey through this class.


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