UBC, over the last several years, has adopted the practice of holding an Annual General Meeting, to coincide with the release of its annual report. The AGM is happening today at 12:00-1:00, in downtown Kelowna. It is being broadcast live (at 12:00) in two ways so that we can watch it too: At the Michael […]

ACF is one of the only UBC events I attend. I’m lazy and antisocial, so I don’t prioritize things like beer gardens and storm the wall and pit night and whatever else. When I do socialize on campus, I’m getting drunk with a few friends at Koerner’s or the Gallery. I really have trouble believing […]

Three green-tinted notes

Posted by: | November 23, 2007 | 3 Comments

A few notes of interest that come to mind for the environmentalist-lite on campus: UBC Farm Fee referendum: Yesterday I was at the farm. Getting there was a bit of a hazard due to the South Campus construction bedlam, and I ended up getting tangled in a barbed wire fence while attempting a shortcut, and […]

More ACF Post-Mortem

Posted by: | November 23, 2007 | 13 Comments

Maayan keeps nagging me to post. I never do. Quite frankly, there’s little UBC-related stuff that can raise my ire and I’m able to comment on in a public forum. This is one such issue.There are two universal UBC experiences. Imagine UBC, and Arts County Fair. Seriously. Think about it – is there any event, […]

Arts County Fair is no more

Posted by: | November 22, 2007 | 5 Comments

The yearly campus festival of music and debauchery synonymous with the last day of classes is no more. Ats County Fair, the last-day-of-class drinking extravaganza that has marked the end of the school year for 16 seasons of students at UBC has come to a sad end. The Arts Undergraduate society cancelled the event for […]

AMS meeting Nov. 21- Frustrations

Posted by: | November 22, 2007 | 11 Comments

An excruciatingly long agenda was set for this last meeting before the winter break. After sitting on their laurels for a whole term, the Arts caucus decided to put everything they ever wanted in the AMS into this one meeting and throw it at us like a brick. Items of interest included re-establishing “unofficial” slates […]

Two new posts today. Don’t forget to scroll down. So today I was walking along on the upper floor of the SUB, about to head downstairs to the pottery studio, when I heard this alluring jazzy music coming from the ballroom. I thought it might be a recording. So I headed over, thinking that I […]

Lowdown on yesterday’s meeting: it was exhausting, and sort of charged up for some weird reason. I think order was poorer than usual somehow. Maybe it’s the pressure of the end of the year building up. Anyway. The meeting began with Nancy Knight, the Administration’s AVP campus & Community Planning. Nancy always puts on a […]

So two times today, power failed at UBC. The first time was around 1 in the afternoon. Sebastian, from my plant genetics class recounted to me that someone else in his lab had lost 100 PCR reactions that had been in the thermocycler due the 20-minute outage. I sympathized absently, and wondered how much money […]

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