Robert Worsley: not a Nazi

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Did you notice this correction in today’s edition of The Ubyssey? On November 28, 2008, The Ubyssey published an article entitled “RCMP have ‘final solution’ to the ‘fraternity issue.’” The article in question was part of The Ubyssey’s annual all-satire edition. The Ubyssey and staff regret having left its readers with the impression that the […]

AMS Council: September 23, 2009

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Highlights: Q: What’s going on with the NEW SUB project? A: We discussed that in the in camera session A few more SUB renovations Student access to Whistler Lodge during Olympics preserved You’re on your own, Equity And Diversity Coordinator

Children vs. Liquor

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Tagged: Massive Failures in Communication UBC’s Graduate Student Society (GSS), to put it bluntly, is dysfunctional. This in itself is not news since this has been the situation for some time now. However, the entire situation reached a new low at their last council meeting. What happened may not have been the most scandalous of […]

Yesterday, UBC Insiders released a database of Special Occasion Licences (SOLs) granted at UBC that revealed 1 in 5 SOLs granted at UBC were approved by the RCMP despite being in breach of provincial liquor regulations. The overwhelming majority of these events were not student-run. There is another area to explore about how the RCMP […]

Last year, former Ubyssey reporter Bryan Zandberg wrote a piece for the Tyee examining whether there was a “War on Fun” at UBC. A year later, the piece is as dated as it is current. Sgt. Dan Wendland is no longer with us at UBC, but his legacy lives on through the policies he implemented. […]

Three Questions for the President

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Before Imagine day, I managed to sit down with Presidents Toope and Frederick to ask them three questions: 1. How will the Class of 2013’s UBC experience differ from the Class of 2010’s? 2. What is the value of an incoming undergraduate to the University? 3. Why did the entering class decide to come to […]

Summer News Recap

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Happy First Week all. Here’s what happened while you were out. On Campus The Student Board of Governors representatives turned over. Tim Blair bids farewell, as Michael Duncan takes his place. Bijan Ahmadian and Alexandra Caldwell (UBC-O) were re-elected for their respective second terms. The University approved a plan to in-fill Totem residence. This was met with surprise […]

St. John Hospice

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Last September, in partnership with the Vancouver Hospice Society, the Order of St. John and Vancouver Coastal Health, the Board of Governors passed a partial Board 1 to build a hospice. The building will only cost UBC marginal maintenance costs, the management will be undertaken by VCH, and the building is forfeited to UBC in at […]

AMS Council: Sep 2, 2009

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Highlights from tonight: Is UBC driving us crazy? Further plundering of the President’s fund by the external office

Introducing: Insiders 2.0

Posted by: | September 1, 2009 | 7 Comments

Welcome! After slaving away behind the scenes for three months now, we’re finally public. Introducing the brand-new UBC Insiders! Andrew, Justin, Neal and I have been working away behind the scenes, securing the new team, working on web development and coming up with a business strategy, editorial schedules and research ideas to give you what […]

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