Race Profile: VP External

Posted by: | January 21, 2010 | 9 Comments

. UBC Insiders Analysis Click here to skip to profiles of the candidates in this race. The Vice-President External, otherwise known as the “just what are they doing” VP, is the person who, if doing a good job, isn’t around on campus much. Responsible for advocating to the provincial and federal governments as well as […]

Referendum: Tuition Policy

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The Current Policy The AMS’s current policy on tuition was passed on November 21, 2007, in preparation for a federal by-election in Vancouver Quadra. (Stephen Owen had resigned his seat to work for UBC.) The way the policy is structured is as a set of 17 principles, divided into 4 categories: Tuition and Fees, Core […]

Seen in the photo below from L to R are Andrew Fergusson, Marion Pollock, Natalie Bocking, Tim Chu and Blake Frederick. The photo was taken at a social event at the BC NDP Convention that took place from Friday Nov 27 to Sunday Nov 29. While we cannot confirm the exact time and date this […]

. We therefore call upon the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to investigate the widespread violation and disregard for international law in Canada, and further to employ all and every means available to pressure the governments of Canada and its provinces into compliance with the Covenant. This was written in 2005. […]

A spirited emergency AMS council meeting took place tonight to react to Blake Frederick’s human rights complaint to the UN. Because of the large turnout, the meeting took place in the Hebb Theatre and went for approximately three hours. At its most populated, there were 175-200 students present, with a large number of students-at-large. As […]

We need to be able to acknowledge current political structures, like the government, and the law, and work within them for reform. Equally important however, is that we engage in an active critique of those structures, which should entail some forms of confrontation. – Stefanie Ratjen speaks on civil liberties and the 2010 Winter Olympic […]

Gordo In Da House

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Ah, election day. The day I walk into the SUB for my morning coffee and notice over a dozen cameramen and reporters just milling about in the concourse. Were there more bonfires last night? Another murder in the park? Doesn’t seem likely. Who’s that grey-haired man with snazzy glasses walking in with an entourage? Why […]

Stefanie Ratjen is a VP external candidate. Here are her answers. Why do you want to be the VP External of the AMS? I am aware of the issues affecting students both on and off the campus. While some people treat this as a popularity contest or a resume-padding opportunity, I am running because of […]

Freeman Poritz is a VP External candidate. Here are his answers. Why do you want to be the VP external of the AMS?Because I want to dedicate a year of my life to working for my University. I have gained so much from my time here that I really want to give something back. I […]

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