Universities are strapped for cash. Being debt-restricted by recession-paranoid governments, many schools are looking to alternative delivery models to meet the demand for housing stock across the country. At the University of Toronto, housing stocks are low, and plans are underway to build a tower of a tower. Thirty-plus stories of student housing. Typically, more […]

It’s been a bit quiet around Insiders lately: writing long posts take work, and we’d rather be enjoying the sunshine. But that doesn’t mean things have stopped happening. Make sure to check out AMS Confidential’s News for N00bs for the latest news (and lulz!); rather than overlap, we’ll come up with our own alliterative title […]

Coming to the Board of Governors in early June is a new set of Parking Rules for UBC. According to the document, the reasons they are looking to enact new rules are: (a) revise UBC’s traffic and parking regime so that it interlocks with the new legislative framework; (b) update and streamline the existing traffic […]

When UBC stopped liquor service at Koerner’s Pub in late March, it seemed to come out of the blue. It would have taken quite a bit of foresight to predict a possible shutdown of Koerner’s might be on the horizon… The Pub has had two under-age drinking incidents in the 2008-2009 period and a contravention […]

Most of y’all have heard by last Friday that the Koerner’s Pub liquor license has been suspended by the UBC Treasury/Legal departments. In response, Koerner’s still has its doors open, but the taps are dry. According to a memo, the license was suspended because of two incidents this month. The first incident, a drunk underaged […]

Yes, The Killers Killed the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena

Posted by: | February 1, 2010 | Comments Off on Yes, The Killers Killed the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena

Avid readers of this blog may recall a post from last summer entitled: “Did The Killers Kill the Liquor at Thunderbird Arena?” The original post should be read in its entirety, but if you’re too lazy the synopsis is that in July 2009, UBC Athletics put an application forward to amend the liquor licence at […]

Toope Reconsiders Sullivan for VP Students

Posted by: | January 23, 2010 | Comments Off on Toope Reconsiders Sullivan for VP Students

UBC’s longest serving Vice-President has been asked to continue to serve at his post as Vice-President, Students, pending the completion of a review process. Brian Sullivan, who came to UBC from his former post as Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) at the University of Guelph in 1999, was appointed by then-President Martha Piper. Upon the arrival […]

Sneak Peek: The Point Grill

Posted by: | January 15, 2010 | 5 Comments

The Point Grill, located at Marine Drive residence, is UBC Food’s newest restaurant, and is set to open very soon. The always adorable Andrew Parr was nice enough to give myself and Rabi Sun (of Portraits of UBC and Just Shoot Me fame) a sneak peek at what was going in there.

Come on feel the noise

Posted by: | October 19, 2009 | 2 Comments

The UNA just started a public consultation about their proposed noise bylaw which runs until November 9. This process has been ongoing since well before the appearance of Bill 13, which would give UBC the ability to regulate noise all over campus. The University Neighbours’ Agreement, the document which defines the governance of the UNA, […]

Just got a mail from the planning department: St. John Hospice will not be built behind Marine Drive! There is much to rejoice here, as it points to something in the planning cycle working. Here’s the letter that made my morning.

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