Due to a hole in WordPress, this post’s author is misattributed. The follow was written by Maayan Kreitzman. The world has gone mad. I don’t check comments for one day while working on a paper, and when I return there’s a frenzy! Anyway. There’s plenty of discussion in the below post about any and all […]

Student Court Decision

Posted by: | March 27, 2008 | 95 Comments

The Student Court released its decision today in the VP Academic matter. They allowed the appeal, ordering that Alex Lougheed be disqualified. The Court left the matter of how to fill the vacancy up to the AMS Executive. More to come later, undoubtedly after Council. But, for those interested, the excerpt that outlines the reasoning […]

Caption Contest

Posted by: | February 29, 2008 | 68 Comments

“VP-Admin elect Tristan Markle adding ‘Right to Cheat’ to posters in support of VP-Academic elect Alex Lougheed” This was obviously meant to be public. If you’re not up on the controversy surrounding the VP Academic race, refer to the Ubyssey here and here. The implications of publicly discrediting a fellow executive-elect are unclear, but probably […]

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