Insiders 3.0!

Posted by: | August 26, 2010 | 1 Comment

Here at Insiders central, if there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s leaving old websites in our wake. First there was Insiders 1.0. No joke, it was pretty awesome. It gave everyone a great outlet to talk about issues, occasionally flame each other, but most of all to learn about the issues of the day. […]

UBC Insiders Reader Feedback Survey!

Posted by: | May 17, 2010 | Comments Off on UBC Insiders Reader Feedback Survey!

Last September UBC Insiders had a bit of a rejuvenation with a new website, new staff, and new ethos. At the time, we weren’t sure how it would work out, and we’re still not: that’s why we want to know what you think. Please let us know how we’re doing by filling out the survey […]

We’ve uploaded and posted links to all of the reports arising from the AMS Electoral Fraud investigation on our Twitter feed but since not everyone is twitter-savvy just yet, here are the links to: Final Report from Isabel Ferreras (Elections Administrator) Report from Forensic Data Recovery (Independent Auditing Firm) Revised Elections Results presented in a […]

Introducing Neal Yonson

Posted by: | April 8, 2009 | 5 Comments

Hi everyone, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Neal, who will be joining the Insiders team! Neal has already done some writing for us, as you all well know by know, and has been really passionate about some of the things going on at UBC, particularly those to do with the NCAA. […]

Question Period!

Posted by: | April 23, 2008 | 17 Comments

Hey gang! I’m working on the new version of the site, and I’m wondering what you want to see out of it. Final decisions will rest with the editorial board but we’re open to suggestions.

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