Due to a hole in WordPress, this post’s author is misattributed. The follow was written by Maayan Kreitzman. The world has gone mad. I don’t check comments for one day while working on a paper, and when I return there’s a frenzy! Anyway. There’s plenty of discussion in the below post about any and all […]

Caption Contest

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“VP-Admin elect Tristan Markle adding ‘Right to Cheat’ to posters in support of VP-Academic elect Alex Lougheed” This was obviously meant to be public. If you’re not up on the controversy surrounding the VP Academic race, refer to the Ubyssey here and here. The implications of publicly discrediting a fellow executive-elect are unclear, but probably […]

Tristan Markle 446 Shawn Stewart 306 Stephen McCarthy 280 Mike Kushnir 194 Yian Messoloras 189 Stephanie Ryan 104 J Mac The Keg 44 Aaron Palm 42 Congratulations to Tristan! Looks like the knolligarchy managed to swing it for him. Pretty good voter turnout. One more note: EA Brendan Piovesan resigned, effective today. Someone else will […]

Candidate analysis, random thoughts, EA deprecation, and who Maayan is voting for all rolled into one glorious post. Well, voting is now on for the re-vote for the fifth AMS executive position. The VP Administration race was cancelled in mid-campaign two weeks ago. Despite the fact that this cancellation was not allowed by AMS code, […]

oh, come on

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This is a wholesale lifting of Alex Lougheed’s facebook note, in which he notices that Stephen McCarthy isn’t on the ballot. How to vote in the AMS Special ElectionThe original can be found here. Props to Alex for: voting at 1am, having eagle eyes, and also wicked MSPaint skills.

I’ve had a busy couple days with Ubyssey, work, school, and photoshoots, so I haven’t had much of a chance to post photos. Anyway, these are from Thursday’s debates.The elections start tomorrow: be sure to get the word out and encourage your friends to get informed and get their vote on!Mike Kushnir is now running […]

Voter Funded Media results!

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Due to a hole in WordPress, this post’s author is misattributed. The follow was written by former Insiders editor Maayan Kreitzman. Well, here they are at long last! The Knoll – $1600 UBC Insider – Election Edition – $1500 The Devils advocate – $1400 Cavalier – $900 Let Them Eat Cake – $725 UVote – […]

The race for the fifth AMS executive position, VP Administration, was cancelled in mid-campaign due to “campaigning irregularities.” While this cancellation was probably contrary to AMS code, and details were never confirmed by Elections Administrator Brendan Piovesan, a new race is soon to launch. And according to the rumor-mill, and the volume of nomination papers […]

Today’s council meeting was both disappointing and heartening. Disappointing because the anticipated public lynching of EA Brendan Piovesan failed to materialize. Heartening because it turns out that deep down inside, we really care about committee reform. And there were several other important (University Ombuds Office!) and thoughtful (Systemic discrimination in the AMS?) decisions. We got […]

The period for the 2008 AM elections was punctuated by numerous irregularities of various sorts. When problems arise in elections, or in other matters of stuff that goes against the AMS Bylaws or Code, complaints can be brought to a group of people called the “student court”. These are seven people, typically law students, that […]

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