The Translink Commission released a decision on how to implement the YVR Add Fare a couple of hours ago. Translink had originally applied to the Commission to introduce a $2.50 levy, to be collected each time a passenger were transporting between the Bridgeport and Templeton stations. The Commission, citing the “awkwardness” of the two-way fare, […]

VFM Mania

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Mark Latham, who initiated and personally financed the first two Voter Funded Media (VFM) contests at UBC in 2007 and 2008, is back, cementing his place as the patron saint of UBC independent media. Yesterday he unveiled a second VFM contest to be run around the same time as the AMS elections time, with an […]

Davis’ Opinion, Meeting Agenda Changes

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Council just released the follow up legal opinion from Davis LLP, clarifying what is and is not allowed regarding the impeachment of student executives. Agenda changes as a result: Removal of impeachment motion. Inclusion of motions to censure. Opportunity for Blake and Tim to take floor. Discussion of other executives who signed off on contacts […]

We had hoped to provide you with a point/counterpoint on the burning issue of the day: the impending removal of AMS President and VP External from office. We offered Hillson Tse, creator of the Facebook group “Impeach the AMS President and VP External” to argue for, and Yifan Sin Razon, creator of the Facebook group […]

Update: Tonight’s Emergency Council Meeting has been moved to Hebb Theater to accommodate the anticipated levels of student interest. The start time is still 5pm. A letter to Council written by Tim and Blake was released earlier today regarding the special council meeting tonight at 5pm. In the letter, they state they will not be […]

The following is a coedited post with files from both Neal and Alex. The Timeline This issue was first brought up by Blake and Tim. The first mention of this appears shortly after they took office in the March 13, 2009 Executive Committee minutes, in which there is a one sentence mention: 13. UN international covenant The […]

The AMS, along with former VP Administration Tristan Markle, is complaing about the BC and Canadian governments to the United Nations. They claim: both levels of government have failed to: – control tuition fees, – provide sufficient financial support to students in need, and – provide adequate funding to the post secondary sector Councillors we […]

For those of you new to UBC and UBC Insiders, Dr. Darren Peets has already written the authoritative piece deconstructing the poor planning behind the underground bus loop. Darren would undoubtedly be proud to think that he may have literally analyzed the project to its death. Before the big news broke yesterday, UBC Insiders had […]

A Tunnel to Nowhere?

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The AMS this morning released a statement saying that UBC intends to cancel the underground bus loop project. Earlier today, Blake Frederick outlined the situation: 3 weeks ago UBC starting thinking of a contingency plan if loop wasn’t going forward, due to concerns over Translink’s funding drying up. Translink was supposed to commit $10M to […]

The Province tabled a bill yesterday to expand the powers of the Board of Governors, in response to asks from the University Neighbourhoods Association and the Board. It represents a stark change in the authority of the Board, giving it municipal powers such as the ability to regulate, prohibit and fine those in contravention.

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