A copy of the petition currently being circulated made it’s way into my hands. There are six questions being asked: 1. The removal of Blake Frederick 2. The removal of Tim Chu 3. Creation of a $5.00 “Engagement Levy” 4. A code change to implement slates 5. Indexing all non-indexed AMS fees to CPI 6. […]

Today saw two additional rounds of debates – one at noon for the President, VP Academic, and VP finance races, and an additional one in the evening over beers at The Gallery for the VP Administration, VP External, and Senate races. All but the BoG candidates had their chance in the hotseat. These are my […]

Issue of the Day: AMS Businesses

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The AMS businesses are an important way for the AMS to make money so that we can keep student fees lower. And we do have some of the lowest student union fees in the country (when you take out athletics fees, health & dental, U-Pass, etc, and you’re left with the AMS’ actual operating budget). […]

Stash is a candidate for VP Finance. Here are his answers.Why do you want to be the VP finance of the AMS?To be direct and honest: I want to be VP finance because I think there has been a severe shift in the use of the lastmagical thing on campus, namely beer beer beeeeer. Not […]

Candidate Questionnaire: Chris Diplock

Posted by: | January 10, 2008 | Comments Off on Candidate Questionnaire: Chris Diplock

Chris Diplock is a VP Finance Candidate. Here are his answers. Why do you want to be the VP finance of the AMS? I have the goal in my life of doing as much good as I can, not only in the local community but also the global community. When I was first introduce to […]

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