Candidate Questionnaire: Chris Diplock

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Chris Diplock is a VP Finance Candidate. Here are his answers.

Why do you want to be the VP finance of the AMS?
I have the goal in my life of doing as much good as I can, not only in the local community but also the global community. When I was first introduce to the AMS back in a September council meeting I immediate recognized the power and relevance the AMS has in our community. I looked at my skills and tried to see where they could be the most effective in the AMS. I came to the conclusion that my skills and passion would be most effective as the VP Finance.

This is a position that requires a strong sense of organization and leadership, while also touching on a economical and financial background. Through experiences in the PVRA, jobs, and the AMS I have these skills.

What personal skills and experiences could you bring to the portfolio?
I’ve had a lot of personal experience as a worker in businesses. You know a stock boy, a barista, retail, cook, server, etc. Through these personal experiences I’ve gained a very down to earth approach to business operations.
I’ve been so involved since I came to this university that I really feel like I’ve developed a very impartial, committed, and approachable set of personal skills.
If there was one thing you could change about the AMS what would it be?
Ohhh man, well first off it’s a very professional and competent organization. With that said though this organization needs to become part of the student body, it’s not. Amazingly however AMS council has and continues to do a great job.

The AMS needs to grow so that it can bring in a diverse and skilled pool of people to choose to work witin it. I mean imagine if everyone cared about these elections, the atmosphere would foster the development of so many more student leaders and great ideas.

And that’s where I want to come in and provide the financial structure for this outreach and growth to take place.

The athletics fee for UBC students is more than 200 dollars, most of which students never see back. How do you plant to lobby to make that fee accountable to regular non-varsity students?
Well first let’s analyze what it means to “never see back”. The students have to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them for them to see their fees at work.

However as a guy who goes to the UBC pool every weekday to either swim or workout, we are not being offered the opportunities we should for the fees we’re paying. I think it’s ridiculous that we pay the figure and can only used the pool for less then 10 hours a day!!

So I’m passionate about this issue and think that with a serious look at AMS Code, UBC athletics, and council we can provide more user intensive athletic fees.

What’s your top priority for the AMS businesses?
Investment in new cash systems would not only increase efficiency in customer services and worker training but also in the on demand changes that business must take into account these days

What experience do you have with budgeting and providing financial checks and balances?
Besides a very deep understanding of the current and past budgets, I was a House Treasurer with the PVRA.


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