Province Announces Review of Society Act

Posted by: | December 22, 2009 | Comments Off on Province Announces Review of Society Act

For the first major time since 1977, the Province will be conducting a review of the Society Act. The Society Act is the legislation which the AMS exists under. There are similar acts in BC law which deal with other forms of incorporated bodies, such as businesses and cooperatives. Societies are incorporated not-for-profit bodies. From […]

VFM Mania

Posted by: | December 16, 2009 | Comments Off on VFM Mania

Mark Latham, who initiated and personally financed the first two Voter Funded Media (VFM) contests at UBC in 2007 and 2008, is back, cementing his place as the patron saint of UBC independent media. Yesterday he unveiled a second VFM contest to be run around the same time as the AMS elections time, with an […]

GSS Needs a Sober Second Thought

Posted by: | December 10, 2009 | 1 Comment

It is with great sadness that we report the GSS has stopped the service of free beer at their council meetings. This motion was passed this evening: WHEREAS provision of drink tickets will facilitate further socializing of Council members at Koerner’s Pub, encourage shorter meetings, and encourage Councillor attendance until the completion of Council meeting […]

Dishing on Davis’s Legal Opinion

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It is safe to say that the last AMS Council meeting did not unfold quite the way anyone expected it to. Blake and Tim still hold their positions, were censured, asked to catalogue their activities on an hourly basis, and are now required to go to executive committee to make any decisions that could affect […]

Davis’ Opinion, Meeting Agenda Changes

Posted by: | December 7, 2009 | Comments Off on Davis’ Opinion, Meeting Agenda Changes

Council just released the follow up legal opinion from Davis LLP, clarifying what is and is not allowed regarding the impeachment of student executives. Agenda changes as a result: Removal of impeachment motion. Inclusion of motions to censure. Opportunity for Blake and Tim to take floor. Discussion of other executives who signed off on contacts […]

We had hoped to provide you with a point/counterpoint on the burning issue of the day: the impending removal of AMS President and VP External from office. We offered Hillson Tse, creator of the Facebook group “Impeach the AMS President and VP External” to argue for, and Yifan Sin Razon, creator of the Facebook group […]

Some numbers regarding public commentary on the issue of impeachment versus continued service. I’ve left out anonymous people/groups. Impeachment Continued Service Please Grow Up No Comment / Neutral Facebook Groups 1369* 464* Student Groups AUS, SUS, EUS, Ubyssey Editors, Campus Conservatives Resource Groups FairVote Friends of the Farm, V-DAY Regular Commentators Yonson, Lougheed, Naylor**, Costeloe**, […]

Seen in the photo below from L to R are Andrew Fergusson, Marion Pollock, Natalie Bocking, Tim Chu and Blake Frederick. The photo was taken at a social event at the BC NDP Convention that took place from Friday Nov 27 to Sunday Nov 29. While we cannot confirm the exact time and date this […]

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