Executive interview series, part V: Brittany Tyson, VP finance

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Last, but certainly not least in our riveting executive interview series is Brittany Tyson. We sat down to chat about a month and a half ago, so don’t be surprised if that we’re talking about the PiR^2 rennovations “right now”!. I must say that Brittany is one of the most frighteningly competent people I’ve ever […]

Monday saw the first-ever gathering of three of UBC’s preeminent bloggers. In an unprecedented move, the three pen-wielding heavyweights met for sweet-potato frites and girly beer at a depressingly swish, undisclosed Main St. location. In two and a half hours of talks, Eom professed the “new worldliness” of her pinot, and Louman-Gardiner brought up his […]

There’s been a few new posts recently. Don’t forget to scroll down. What makes for great lobbying? What gets you in the news? Why do student governments agonize and student lobbies button up, while a comparatively small group rockets into national media coverage and affects actual national party policy? The lively example of the nascent […]

At last Wednesday’s AMS council meeting (the last one of the summer), the embattled external motion regarding the Musqueam native band finally came to its demise. This policy, which has been tabled repeatedly in past meetings, has gone through a few iterations and adjustments. AMS president Jeff Friedrich took on the task of rewriting it. […]

Student loan administrators have turned into activists! This article from this morning’s Globe and Mail. More need-based student aid urgedUniversal programs outpacing funding for those who need help, says a study by financial aid administratorsELIZABETH CHURCHFrom Monday’s Globe and MailAugust 27, 2007 at 4:37 AM EDT An increasing proportion of financial aid for postsecondary education […]

I quite enjoy "Inside Higher Ed"

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First, read this article. Short version: How University administrators co-opt their student representatives. An interesting reflection on a position into which almost all student “representatives” are placed. Then, read its follow-up: It’s about the importance of Presidential leadership when it comes to the student experience at a University. Then go back to enjoying the long […]

Junk food junked?

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by student BoG rep Darren Peets About a month ago, UBC was informed of a new provincial policy on the sale of food and drinks from vending machines. In essence, this policy expands the junk food restrictions already in place in schools to all hospitals, universities, colleges, Crown Agencies, provincial government buildings, and so on. […]

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