Senate, anyone?

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While I’ve been busy blogging about most of the ongoing races, I sort of let it slip from my memory that there aren’t any people running for Senate this year. It turns out that only 2 people submitted nomination forms, and as a result they automatically get seats. Currently, the available seats are being offered […]


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I’ve got photos from Jello Wrestling here, and will have more from the last debates up later today as well as commentary on both events. Before that, though, I should get some sleep.

Here’s a summary of the endorsements from all the different blogs!UBC Insiders MariaPresident – 1) Blake Frederick, 2) Alex Monegro, 3) Paul KorczykVP Academic and University Affairs – 1) Johannes Rebane VP Administration – 1) Kommander Keg (yes, even I’m surprised by this one) 2) Tristan MarkleVP External – 1) Tim Chu 2) Ignacio RodriguezVP […]

Quote of the day

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“I hate democracy.” – Sarina Rehal, AMS Elections Administrator 2008/09


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Here are my endorsements for the election. I’m trying to have be brief in my explanations. I do have a qualm with this election- namely, there are no candidates that really stand out, or that are particularly wonderful. So overall I find these elections sort of disappointing, but I do feel like there could be […]


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You can now vote at! It’s quick and easy- remember to rank you choices for candidates. Please note that you only have 2 minutes to make your selections before it times out (yes, it’s really silly). I’m a little disappointed by how little advertisement there has been of this election, and how little effort […]

Pit Night!

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There was a somewhat peculiar piece of business at tonight’s AMS council meeting. Should AMS councilors be allowed to sneak into Pit Night via a back entrance after council meetings?After receiving a number of complaints (from myself included; the Ubyssey also wrote an editorial), the AMS’s Business Operations Committee recently decided to disallow entrance to […]

As a member of Jeremy Wood’s facebook support group (and please note: I support everyone in the elections if they have a facebook group and invite me to join it), I have received a message with the following excerpt in my facebook inbox: Just a note: I’ve heard a lot of you saying that after […]

Condorcet voting

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Due to a hole in WordPress, this post’s author is misattributed. The follow was written by Maria Jogova. A brief explanation, in case people don’t quite know what it is. 1. You rank the candidates on the ballot. Tied rankings are allowed, as far as I know. 2. Each candidate is compared to the other […]

Debates, January 27

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Today’s debates were definitely the most sparsely attended, as seen here: It’s too bad this debate was empty; I thought this was the best chance to get a feel for the candidates, since they’d had a chance to thoroughly adjust their platforms and approaches.VFM Coordinator Mitch Wright moderated the debates, as AJ was apparently nowhere […]

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